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Over the last few months, we’ve learnt a great deal, including many very revealing insights into the current scenario and our background framework. We’ve devoted more time to ourselves and to what truly matters, analysing each aspect of Harmony, each process, and the place that befits it.

Now we are embarking on a new stage, returning with even greater vitality and a new revamped image to remind us that something has changed. We want to build a community around Harmony so that we can forge closer ties with you, inspiring you and letting you inspire us. We’ve discovered that we can “be present” in many different shapes and forms and this idea spurs us on.

Now it is even more important to stay tuned & stay inspired!

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Signature is a new approach to ceramic tiles by designers from different countries throughout the world who give priority to originality and authenticity.
We wish to infuse living spaces with personality through innovative, high-quality designs. Signature’s collections are inspirational, with unique modern designs. These are products by and for creative souls.

Signature is HARMONY’s personal take on design. Join us in discovering these collections.


Craft encompasses HARMONY’s most artisanal collections. We wish to express different lifestyles, bringing an innovative handcrafted appeal to homes. Craft is synonymous with delicacy, sensitivity and sincerity. These are collections by designers who are passionate about their work, with the emphasis on superior quality, attention to detail and handcrafted irregularities.

Welcome to Craft, HARMONY’s warmest collections.

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News 2020



Bow by mut


The Mediterranean is simplicity, peacefulness and calm. BOW owes its design to the rich cultural melting pot of all the different civilizations that settled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. A collection created by MUT Design Studio, BOW is inspired by typical Mediterranean buildings and their roofs. With an appearance reminiscent of a traditional roof tile now transformed into a modern wall tile, BOW stands out for its characteristic concave shape.

It comes in a 15x45 format in a selection of different finishes. The matt Clay finish emulates the colour of traditional terracotta tiles, in contrast with the collection’s other glossy colours typical of Mediterranean pottery, like White, Azure, Silver, Bordeaux and Teal.




The NOK collection by HARMONY is a tribute to tradition. It conjures up a potter’s hands skilfully kneading clay in the workshop before leaving it to dry in the sun, or the sandy hues of the Mediterranean Sea, boosting the natural light and adding a warmer, friendlier touch to places. At the same time, it is also an accolade to glossy glazes, with their colour, beauty and long traditions. Purity, natural appeal, and careful craftsmanship are the words that best describe NOK. With its singular relief surface and combined matt-gloss effect, the collection stands out for its striking decorative appeal.

NOK comes in a 20x40 format with faux joints simulating smaller 10x10 or 5x20 tiles.



Inspired by traditional North-African ceramics, CASABLANCA stands out for its charming hand-crafted appearance. Thanks to its uneven edges and Mediterranean-style décors, this is a collection conspicuous for its warmth. Available in a 12.5x12.5 cm format, CASABLANCA’s plain white field tile and 10 different décors can be combined in a multitude of different ways. Suitable for use on both walls and floors, its slightly aged appearance is conceived to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the home.



BEAT is a collection perfect for creating soothing, restful settings where you immediately feel at one with your surroundings. Its attractive rounded relief pattern, in a design with a strong sensory appeal, generates a sensation of tranquillity and wellbeing. Its soft, matt, monochrome finish brings a relaxing feel to living spaces, fostering a sense of contentment.

BEAT comes in a 20x40 format in a selection of trendsetting colours that can be mixed and matched in multiple different ways. This is a highly versatile collection in a choice of neutral colours (White, Silver and Anthracite) and other more decorative ones (Clay, Blue and Green).